What we are capable of


We want to spread the exceptional quality of this production area and the splendor of Japanese tableware to the world.

Overseas export sales

We propose the service

for the best logistics selection

and convenient trading solutions in one stop.

We would like to contribute to enriching the lives of people all over the world by serving as a bridge that connects people in many countries with world-class “Made in Japan” ceramics. We export world-class, quality-controlled, “Made in Japan” Mino Tableware to overseas users. We handle all complicated export trade settlements that you may feel unsure about, such as FCL/LCL and EPA/FTP, so that your order can arrive safely and securely to your customers.
  • FCL(Full Container Load)

    We bring the container to the company premises for vanning (cargo loading).
  • LCL(Less Than Container Load)

    The risk of damage is reduced, as products are packaged and shipped on pallets.
  • Air Service(航空便)

    We ship expedited orders to countries around the world quickly from door to door by air.

EPA(Economic Partnership Agreement)

The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) is a treaty that promotes trade and investment between specific countries and regions.

FTA(Free Trade Agreement)

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is an agreement to conclude trade liberalization between two or more specific countries/regions.

Domestic wholesale distribution

We offer a diverse selection of products for a wide range of restaurants, retailers, and volume sellers in Japan. We also sell products in small lots. Our strength is the ability to deliver products in a stable manner to customers nationwide. We keep an eye on daily market trends, allowing us to provide tableware that pleases all generations, ranging from traditional products to those reflecting the recent trends.

Product catalog

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