Japanese Souvenir Catalog – Manekineko (Beckoning Cat)

CATALOG Japanese Souvenirs“Lucky Cat”

The manekineko, or ‘beckoning cat,’ is a good-luck charm used to bring business prosperity and attract customers.

Since ancient times, the beckoning cat has been widely loved as a good-luck charm that brings prosperity in business, happiness at home, and good luck in work.

If the beckoning cat’s right hand is raised, it beckons financial luck. If the left hand is raised, it beckons customers.

May this beckoning cat bring you joy…

Lucky cat

  • Kimono Lucky Cat


  • Better Fortune Lucky Cat


  • Hand made Lucky Cat (Made in Japan)

    手造り招き猫 (日本製)

  • Hand made Sake Set (Made in Japan)

    酒器・ぐい呑 (日本製)

  • Good Fortune Mug (Made in Japan)

    縁起マグ (日本製)

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